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Unveiling the Psychology Behind Andar Bahar: Understanding Your Opponents

Andar Bahar game is the pillar of Indian gambling. This game has captured millions of hearts across the nation. The rules of this game are simple, and it’s paced fast. This makes Andar Bahar online a staple for the Indian market. The odds can be difficult to crack in favour of a bettor to maximise profits if the player hasn’t understood the game well. Knowing the procedures helps the bettors to make informed bets.

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Understanding the Game

Andar Bahar is also known as Katti traditionally. It’s extremely simple and compromises just a 52 deck of cards. The game is based on finding out which side, inside or outside of the card selected, is going to show up. One can say that this game has its attribution to luck. However, knowing about the flow and the ways it passes gives it an edge.

Step-by-Step Guide to Play Andar Bahar

Even though the rules of this game are extremely simple, one might want to know what comes after what. This step to step guide will give gamblers a fair chance to win online andar bahar real cash.

  • The Dealer’s Card:The game starts with the shuffling of a standard 52-card deck. After which, the dealer is supposed to pick a card randomly and show it to the other players. This card is the joker or middle card for that particular game.
  • Placements of bets:After everyone knows what the value of the joker card is, they’re asked to place bets. This can be done in a total of 3 ways. A bettor may assume it to be the same value as the joker in the first scenario. He can also place the bet on the probability of the next card being on the inside or outside of the table.
  • Dealing with the cards: The dealer starts to show the cards from the deck consequently. The rule of deciding the colour of the andar bahar respectively is also extremely simple. If the joker is black, then the andar will be taken as black(clubs or spades), and it’s red if it’s the opposite(hearts or diamonds).
  • Determination of the Winner: This dealing and throwing of the cards continues. There is no time bound for the same as long as the equivalent valued joker card does not appear. Depending upon which side the card lands on, the winner is decided. The power just one card holds to bring in fascinating financial returns is commendable for this game.
  • Payouts: One should also recheck the payment methods to avoid any confusion. According to the betting house rules, winning a bet of Andar pays the bettor 90% of the total amount. Whereas a bet placed on Bahar pays a total of 100%.


Navigating the way through Andar Bahar is a thrilling experience overall. Even though the bettor doesn’t need a high level of understanding of gambling, they should be vigilant while betting. When the game is played with the correct approach, one can gain profits. One should always keep in mind that gambling should be responsible as andar bahar real cash is concerned.

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